A frequently asked question that I get is:

“What’s the difference between……”

Ironstone, Linen, and Grain Sack?

Color-5 copy


Ironstone was created for Marian’s love for Ironstone, and it is a crisp, bright white, not too gray- not too yellow.

Linen is one of my personal favorites, creamy and aged, it is the perfect shade of aged off-white.

Grain sack is my best friend when I can’t decide between gray and white. It is muted, soft, and just a bit deeper than white. Not too gray- not too white.

Boxwood, Luckett’s Green, and Kitchen Scale?

Color-7 copy

Boxwood is NOT hunter green! It is darker than a grass green, but still fresh and modern enough to give your piece a new life.

Luckett’s is soft, fun, and a bit deeper than a sage green.

Kitchen scale is another personal favorite. Aged teal that gives a pop of color with out being too loud.

And the blues:

Color-6 copy

Eulalie’s sky, French Enamel, Flow Blue, and Artissimo.

Eulalie’s is the aqua lovers dream.

French Enamel and Flow blue are classics. Not too pastel, but not a country blue either.

French Enamel is lighter, Flow is deeper. I compare them to a regular shade of jeans- and flow blue is my dark wash!

Artissimo is a midnight blue that will make the navy lover in you rejoice!

Hopefully these “side by side” comparisons will aide you in choosing between these popular pallets!

Here are some pieces I have done in my favorites:


Kitchen Scale:


Ironstone with Mustard Seed Yellow:


ADU-8 web

Eulalie’s Sky

Abbe-12 copy

A chippy Luckett’s Green Dresser in front of my studio:



French Enamel:



ADU-1 web


ADU-7 web



4 thoughts on “What’s the difference?

  1. Jess

    Thank you for displaying the colors side by side. It’s sometimes hard to tell what the actual colors are. For example, I didn’t know that Grainsack was more of a light gray!


  2. Older Than Dirt Interiors

    Abbe, thank you so much for posting this! I just ordered my MMS Starter Kit so that I can try out the products in more depth before I offer them in my retail store in the spring. I’ve used Linen in the past on a few pieces but I ordered Ironstone, Mustard Seed Yellow, and Kitchen Scale. Thanks again, this was super helpful!


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