Very frequently we get asked “Can I paint over latex?” The answer is yes! Milk paint over latex works great- and if your paint is a flat latex- it works like a primer- helping the milk paint stick. Semi-gloss and Gloss latex paints will cause your milk paint to more than likely chip, so if you are wanting full coverage with milk paint- add the bonding agent to your paint. Several of you probably have a can of left over… Read more »

I can’t believe that this little dream of mine to have a store is two years old. I am beyond blessed. I guess there are just no words for how thankful I am to see so many beautiful things come together. More than the wonderful items that are in the shop- are the women who work beside me. Without them I couldn’t do it. I will let you see for yourself. It really is something else. Post by The Cottage… Read more »

Last summer, I was chatting with my sister-in-law, Anna, about sewing or finding horizontal striped curtains for her living room front window. Anna lives in this darling little 1950’s  home in Nashville, and loves to craft. I knew she would be perfect for helping me try out milk painting fabric in hopes to achieve a big look with a small budget. These curtains are super easy, and you are going to love this part: NO SEW! Here’s the list: 2… Read more »

Paying it Forward. It always blesses me when people have old furniture they no longer want and think of me to give it new life. I have been blessed beyond measure when pieces end up on my porch, or I tagged in a “free” post on facebook, or when someone gives me a steal of a deal, out of the goodness of their hearts to help my little business thrive. I was tagged on a post on facebook a few… Read more »

First of all, let me say a big o’ thank you for all your sweet comments on the kitchen redo! I am falling in love with it everyday- it has been so light and cheery to be in, and considering I hate to cook, I need all the help I can get in there! So today, let’s tackle the prep aspect of milk painting previously finished cabinetry. My cabinets were medium oak, with a high gloss finish. I wanted the… Read more »