I haven’t blogged for awhile. Between the craziness of end of school activities, and other spring events, I find myself exhausted and struggling to keep my head above water. I sat in-front of this screen with my fingers hovering about the keys, longing to write out my heart, to say what I feel, to process in a way that makes sense, and to grasp onto something tangible to understand the rocky waters of life. I started this blog to share… Read more »

If you haven’t heard or seen our new brush soaps yet- we just have to brag about how much we LOVE them! These little guys really work magic on natural bristle brushes. If you are like me, you will lay a brush down time to time with milk paint on it, forget it’s there, and find a dried brush that is destined to the trash can! These hand made brush soaps have saved many a brush for me- let me… Read more »

If you haven’t tried out using MMSMP on several different surfaces, you might be missing the endless possibilities that this bag of magic might have for you! Let’s look at the many faces of our happy, sweet, and cheery Eulalie’s sky! On old glossy latex paint: Nice and chippy! On dull wood: with some distressing: And on Metal: With bonding agent! On Bag, many looks!

I have a fun trick for you today! Did you know that MMSMP works wonderful on fabric? I taped off a grain sack stripe pattern on this recovered vintage rocking chair. The rocker was covered in durable drop cloth, and the frame was painted in french enamel. Use a quality painter’s tape, to prevent bleed through. I mixed my paint thick, as to also prevent any bleed through from the paint being too watery. Paint on. I used a dry… Read more »

Welcome back to the “Abbe’s house” series! Today I wanted to show you how easy it was to use MMSMP on my dining room harvest table. First of all I want to mention that I am married to a fabulous carpenter- who works for Habitat For Humanity. While he is very talented- he is also very busy- we both burn the candle at both ends- so when we actually have time to do projects for our home- it is when… Read more »