Hi there, Abbe’ here! I have been slowly working on the other rooms in my home, getting them “All Dolled Up,” as I have time. You can see my progress on my dining room here, and my kitchen here.
If you are like me, you have grand ideas to knock things out when you first start moving in/redecorating, then you blink you eyes and it’s been 7 months! With the blazing heat we are all having this summer- I have a fun trick to show you! Use that heat and sun to your advantage to get some cool crackling!
ADU-2 copy (3)
My two sons share a room in the basement. Believe it or not they have used the plastic drawer dressers from the tub/tote isle of the store, so to say they needed a dresser was an understatement!
The space between their two beds was perfect for this vintage dresser.
I painted it in grainsack, and laid the dresser and drawers out to dry in the direct sun.
ADU-4 copy (7)
Milk paint will naturally crackle with applied direct heat- Since the entire piece was out in the sun to dry- I got an amazing crackle pattern all over.
ADU-5 copy (3)
I hand distressed the edges while I smoothed out any “bumpy” paint. Considering the dresser was between to rowdy boys beds- it will more than likely get more distressing! To really pull the beautiful natural texture of the crackled paint out- I used MMSMP antiquing wax heavily in the corners, and MMSMP furniture wax to pull it and blend it through. The dark wax settled in the cracks and really made the pattern pop off the muted grainsack color!
ADU-4 copy (7)
I decided to keep the original antique brass hardware- and I love the contrast.
ADU-3 copy (4)
Our boys are baseball loving fools, so this dresser is accented with a vintage red tool box (a.k.a the lego man holder), a baseball canvas box (A.k.a the secret rock keeper), two vintage bats that I crossed and wired together using strong crafting wire, and a lamp painted in MMSMP tricycle, with burlap shade.
The giant “D” was came off of an old sign in downtown Wichita.

*Note, this piece had a quick sanding/scuff coat, so the paint stuck well without major chipping. When using bonding agent and the sun, you will get crackle, it may be a smaller or varying “pattern”.

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