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A few weeks ago, Jen, the amazing photographer behind All Dolled Up, had her sonogram for her fourth baby. She was brainstorming some fun ideas on how to find out the gender of the baby, as well as announce the news to her 3 little ones at home!

I threw out an idea of painting a dresser to reveal the gender, and that got the ball rolling! Jen inherited this beautiful dresser from her mother, a perfect piece for a little one. DSCF7812
I was also given the envelope, with the much anticipated news of little baby’s gender…
But before we spill the beans, let’s talk about the dresser. Jen wanted a dove gray- slightly lighter than Trophy, but a little darker than grainsack.
The beauty of mixing milk paint, is it is very easy to tweak your colors based on your desired outcome.
I always recommend using your lightest color as the base- and slowly measuring out and adding in the darker pigmented colors, or the more dominant pigments. Keep some water on hand, because as you add the powder, it will thicken up.
I began with a mix of grainsack. For this dresser I used 1/2 cup each of powder and water.
After that mix was smooth and creamy- I started adding 2 tablespoons of trophy at a time to my mixed grainsack.
The first mix ended up being perfect.. a soft beautiful dove gray.I added some bonding agent (equal parts) and did two coats.
After the last coat dried, I used a fine sanding block to smooth out the paint, and do some slight distressing per Jen’s request.
After the dust was wiped down, I opted for an old soft – lint free t-shit to wax with. Using medium pressure- in a buffing motion, I waxed with furniture wax until a soft smooth sheen and luster was achieved.


The finish was buttery smooth- and to color was perfect for a boy or girl…
Gender Reveal-2 copy

Gender Reveal-30 copy
I went with glass knobs… that didn’t give too much away from the outside…
Gender Reveal-27 copy
And the inside was painted….
(stay tuned for post #2!)

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