Spring and summer are chalk full of oppurtunities to go junking, antiquing, and score some great finds. Barn sales, outdoor markets, and vintage shows are becoming more and more popular, and I say bring it on!!!

I had the great oppurtunity to sponser The Wichita Vintage MArket Days, in June. I have been a huge fan of Vintage Market Days for awhile, and adore the women who started it, so when I heard they were coming to my area, I was pumped! My store The Cottage Collective, helped get the word out- and we decided to do up a booth worth talking about- and really showcase all things vintage, handmade, and milk painted! If you don’t have the oppurtunity to get out and go to a show like this, or Marian’s beloved Lucketts fair, hopefully some eye candy from the show will tide you over!! Enjoy looking around our booth!

Yes, that’s a frame of a house. My husband framed out a square room, with roof trusses and everything to house all our goodies.

CC-44 copy
When you walked in you were greeted by this gorgeous yellow dresser, painted with a mix of linen and mustard seed yellow mmsmp. It chipped in just the right places and I distressed the edges, as well as gave the old brass hardware the boot.

CC-45 copy

Replaced with great black wrought iron cup pulls and knobs- this piece was admired by everyone!


We had suitcases….

CC-37 copy

Stacked on top of a tall dresser painted in grainsack with furniture wax.

CC-28 copy

This antique set was hard to let go of, finished in Trophy with hemp oil, and the raised work was in ironstone.

There were even two little night stands that matched…
CC-27 copy

CC-54 copy
Some more grainsack with antiquing wax this time.

More Mustard Seed yellow, and lots of great accessories and vintage goodness…



Some Chippy linen…
I love this sweet little bench- in Typewriter, with random numbers stenciled on the back..
ADU-3 copy
End tables in grainsack with peeks of french enamel underneath..
ADU-4 copy
Antiqued linen end tables…

CC-20 copy
Our MMS Milk Paint display was an accidental hit. The hutch I planned to display it on was to unstable with the dirt floor, so we tied the milk pails to the pins. I was tickled at that ties between cows- milk paint- and the milk pails all together! So fun!

ADU-5 copy
This table set is gorgeous- I will tell you all about that in another post soon!
I will leave you with my favorite set:
A bed and dresser painted in Ironstone, finished with WHITE WAX (note*** white wax is great at keeping your whites bright and I needed that with all the dirt in the arena!)
ADU-1 copy - Copy

ADU-2 copy

Thanks for looking around my booth!!!

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  1. michelle

    you’re so good at putting things together, I love everything you do, how did you make the wreaths (I really like them!)


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