Excuse me while I dust off the cobwebs from the blog… it’s been sitting vacant for awhile. It’s not the only thing sitting…waiting..being neglected. My studio, my class schedule, and more have taken a back seat as of this summer. Life gets busy. Life is full. Full in the good, your kids are thriving and going 10 directions, lots of family and friends doing great things full. And bad full, the unexpected trials of this life that show up unannounced… Read more »

Spring and summer are chalk full of oppurtunities to go junking, antiquing, and score some great finds. Barn sales, outdoor markets, and vintage shows are becoming more and more popular, and I say bring it on!!! I had the great oppurtunity to sponser The Wichita Vintage MArket Days, in June. I have been a huge fan of Vintage Market Days for awhile, and adore the women who started it, so when I heard they were coming to my area, I… Read more »

Let’s all admit that we love some color, and the MMSMP line has something for everyone…I am personally a huge fan of the blues. My house is full of them. But when you can’t make up your mind on colors, stay neutral. Classics like white and black will never go out of style, and you can accent with them no matter your taste. I wanted to share some tips for you when using blacks, namely milk paint blacks.. IF you… Read more »

A few weeks ago, Jen, the amazing photographer behind All Dolled Up, had her sonogram for her fourth baby. She was brainstorming some fun ideas on how to find out the gender of the baby, as well as announce the news to her 3 little ones at home! I threw out an idea of painting a dresser to reveal the gender, and that got the ball rolling! Jen inherited this beautiful dresser from her mother, a perfect piece for a… Read more »

Hi there, Abbe’ here! I have been slowly working on the other rooms in my home, getting them “All Dolled Up,” as I have time. You can see my progress on my dining room here, and my kitchen here. If you are like me, you have grand ideas to knock things out when you first start moving in/redecorating, then you blink you eyes and it’s been 7 months! With the blazing heat we are all having this summer- I have… Read more »